Vicki Scroggins-Johnson for Morrisville Town Council, District 4

Morrisville:  The Electoral Residency District Map have been updated and this impacts the 2017 Municipal election. 

  • 2015 - A special Federal Census was conducted in Morrisville.  
  • Special Census revealed the residential population was not balanced across the Morrisville Districts.  
  • The Electoral Residency District Map was updated to rebalance the population across the districts.
  • Every one in Morrisville can vote for each District seat, At Large Seat, and Mayor. 
  • In 2017, District 2, 4, At Large, and Mayor will be elected. 

Do you LIVE in Morrisville?

Some homes with a Morrisville address are actually in the Town of Cary. Those residents can participate in Cary Municipal elections, but not Morrisville. 

Go to NC Voter Lookup Tool 

  • Type in your name
  • See your Jurisdictions including Municipality (Morrisville)
  • Your Morrisville District is called a "Ward" and will be a number (1, 2, 3, or 4)